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Episode 11: When You Hear This Sound – E.T. and M.J.

In 1982, two titans of pop culture joined together to form an unstoppable force in entertainment. 

Well, perhaps not entirely unstoppable…

On this episode of The Space Monkey X Audio Workshop presents…When You Hear This Sound, we’ll delve into the story behind E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial – The Storybook Album, starring none other than the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson.




Episode 5: S-Town

The people behind Serial drop another podcast bomb on us with their latest show, S-Town.  In this episode of the Space Monkey X Audio Workshop, I share some of my thoughts on the worldwide phenomenon and it’s impact on one man’s life and legacy.


Intro: A Rose for Emily – The Zombies (1968)   

Outro: Shit Towne – Live (1994)


Jeff Varner’s Public Apology to Zeke Smith

Missing Richard Simmons articles:



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Episode 3 – Mrs. Garret Has a Posse


Podcasts are the new blogs – everyone has one, but not everyone can keep it going for very long.  Unfortunately, I was part of a show called The Drunken Podcast that started with the best intentions, but then, as is so often the case, fizzled before even a single episode was broadcast.  It’s sad, because I feel like there were some really solid shows that are just wasting away, sitting unheard on the hard drive of the creator/host, Steve Steward.

That is until today.

For the latest episode of The Space Monkey X Audio Workshop, I’m bringing you one of my favorite episodes of a podcast that never was.

Music Credits:

Preface – “The Facts of Life” by Gloria Loring on Friends & Lovers: Greatest Hits

Theme Music / Outro – “Kiss Me, I’m Shitfaced!” by The Dropkick Murphys on Blackout 


Episode 2 – The Church of Chuck (Palahniuk)


Since the late-1990s, nearly every angsty, wanna-be writer has gone through a Chuck Palahniuk phase (Fight Club, Survivor, Choke).

I was no exception.

Presented in this episode are three short stories from when I was a devoted follower of “The Church of Chuck”.

Music Credits:

Preface – “Ikea Man” by The Dust Brothers on Fight Club – Original Soundtrack

Intro – “Medula Oblongata” by The Dust Brothers on Fight Club – Original Soundtrack

Segue #1 – “The Necessary Dark” by Ordinary Neighbors on The Necessary Dark

Segue #2 – “Marla” by The Dust Brothers on Fight Club – Original Soundtrack

Outro – “The Choice is Yours” by Blacksheep on A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Photo Credit: Chris Saunders –