Forgotten Foods is a new podcast series from pop culture historian Rob Lammle.  On Forgotten Foods, Lammle will be doing a deep dive into the history behind your favorite sentimental snacks, canceled candies, bygone soft drinks, and discontinued fast food items.  

For the first mini-series on Forgotten Foods, Lammle looks into the history – and the mystery – behind a snack food that seemed set to sweep the nation in the mid-1980s, The Stuff.  This creamy, not-quite ice cream, not-quite yogurt concoction was being test marketed in influential regions all across the country, but never made it to your local supermarket.  Why?  Whatever happened to The Stuff?

After months of research, including Freedom of Information Act requests, scouring newspaper sources from nearly 40 years ago, diving into the deepest corners of the internet, and interviewing those who remember The Stuff firsthand, Lammle has put together a fascinating story filled with twists and turns that will be sure to delight listeners. 

Over the course of five podcast episodes, you’ll hear about…

  • a subculture of pop culture collectors who seek out The Stuff
  • a woman who worked on the nationwide advertising campaign for The Stuff
  • possible government corruption involving the FDA panel who approved The Stuff
  • a paramilitary group’s attack on Goodstuff, Inc., the makers of The Stuff
  • startling allegations of murder as part of a far-out conspiracy to take over the world  

Forgotten Foods – The Stuff is a not-so-serious take on Serial-style podcasting, treating the fictitious parasitic dessert from Larry Cohen’s cult-favorite 1985 horror film, The Stuff, as if it was a real, but forgotten, snack food.  

Essentially created as “The Stuff fanfic”, Forgotten Foods uses the characters, dialog, and plot of the film as a jumping off point to tell a richer, deeper backstory than Cohen could have ever fit into his 87-minute movie. Casual fans of the film will recognize many plot points in this brief, 90-minute series, but die-hard Stuff fanatics will appreciate the many Easter Eggs scattered throughout.  

Just in time for Halloween, The Space Monkey X Audio Workshop invites you to check out Forgotten Foods – The Stuff.

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If you would like more information about Forgotten Foods – The Stuff, please contact the creator and host, Rob Lammle.