Episode 2: Rapper’s Delight

When the DJ superstars like Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash moved from the house parties to the dance clubs, it left a hole in hip-hop that only an act of God could fill. Like the Biblical flood, new MCs and DJs came onto the scene and struggled to keep their head above water in the hopes they too could become famous. But for three young MCs, the best way for them to make their name was to go mainstream and release the first rap record, Rapper’s Delight. On this episode of Bring the Noise, we look at the world-dominating success, as well as the trials and tribulations, of the first Top 40 rap group, Sugarhill Gang.

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The Bring the Noise Spotify Playlist for Episode 2: Rapper’s Delight

I Want My Name Back (Amazon rental/purchase)

I Want My Name Back (iTunes rental/purchase)

I Want My Name Back (YouTube rental/purchase)

Master Gee interviewed on ThaFoundation.com

Wonder Mike interviewed on ThaFoundation.com

Bassist Chip Shearin on playing the backing track for Rapper’s Delight at NoTreble.com

Nile Rodgers interview with POPBOXTV

Nile Rodgers interviewed about Rapper’s Delight in The Washington Post

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Viva Lost Wages (Originally aired 11/13/1995)

Big Bank Hank and Grandmaster Caz talk Rapper’s Delight rhymes from “And You Don’t Stop: 30 Years of Hip-Hop History”

“Making Peace with Big Bank Hank” by Grandmaster Caz on Cuepoint

Sugar Hill Gang featuring Grandmaster Caz at the Video Music Box 25th Anniversary Concert (July 2008)

Sugar Hill Gang on Jimmy Kimmel Live (10/24/2019)

Rapper’s Delight performed by Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant

My copy of Rapper’s Delight in the classic Sugar Hill Records sleeve

Sadly, my copy is one of the later releases, so only Edwards and Rodgers are given credit

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