Episode 4: That’s the Joint

After Rapper’s Delight introduced the world to the underground hip-hop scene, more and more record labels began releasing rap singles. Many preferred the Disco Rap standard created by the Sugar Hill Gang, while others were trying to stick to their hip-hop jam roots. One group did a little bit of both to make their mark – the Funky 4+1.

In this episode of Bring the Noise, we’ll follow the Funky 4 as they form around a duo of DJs, record their first single, and then go on to make history as the first rap crew to be seen on national television. Their story has more ups and downs than a Coney Island roller coaster, so hang on tight for this episode of Bring the Noise: A History of Early Hip-Hop!

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This episode contains a lot of rare tracks, so the Spotify list is not very complete. Be sure to check out this special YouTube playlist to hear all the music mentioned in this episode.


Spotify Playlist for Episode 4

YouTube Playlist for Episode 4

The Funky 4+1
My Copy of That’s the Joint

The Funky 4+1 on Saturday Night Live

The Funky 4+1 perform at The Kitchen in 1980

Stoop Rap from Beat Street

NAS & AZ Stoop Rap Sprite Commercial

Bomb’s Aren’t Cool – Music Video Shown in U.S. Schools (1986)

Lil Rodney C Performing His Single, Paid

King Heroin – Jazzy Jeff

US Girls in Beat Street

Sha-Rock Live & Direct Facebook Page

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