Episode 5: New Rap Language

On the tail of acts like The Sugar Hill Gang and The Funky 4+1, The Treacherous Three (LA Sunshine, Special K, and Kool Moe Dee) made their mark on hip-hop by introducing a new rap language that would change the face of the genre forever.

If you have Spotify, search for “Bring the Noise Podcast” and you’ll find a new playlist after each episode with songs from the featured artist, as well as others mentioned in the show. Or you can just click here for the latest playlist.

LA Sunshine’s Biography (But good luck finding a copy…)

TV One’s Unsung – Kool Moe Dee

Beef – A documentary about rap rivalries

Feel the New Heartbeat music video

Graffiti Rock Full Episode

Santa’s Rap from Beat Street

The Treacherous Three at Da Hill Reunion 2022

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